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We Improve Business Owners’ Lives By Getting Them More Sales and Revenue Using Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Techniques

Welcome to your trusted web design company to help you grow your business digital marketing. We are a team that gives web design services that give a solution to local businesses in the area. Thus, we accept web design jobs that build a custom web solution that fit your budget.

The reason why you choose us

  • We change difficult business concepts into elegant web solutions at low-cost.
  • Our team uses the original innovative website design.
  • We create a website that will grow with your business, as your business needs change.
  • Our team uses good result methods that increase engagement and sales.
  • We give skilled SEO marketing, design, and development to make sure your website has a good impact on your business.

What Do We do?

Facebook Ads – We create simple campaigns that use self- service tools and track our performance with easy to read reports. Thus, with hundreds of million users of Facebook, we reach all ages of people.

Google Adwords – We use simple advertisement in google ads that will surely capture the attention of all people who use google.

Website Ranking – Out team able to manage your dashboard that is easy to understand. Update the look and feel your site with the touch of a button. Hence, we revise the content or post a blog from your mobile phone or tablet.

Results You Can't Deny

We got a real estate agent in Panama City Beach, FL 40 leads in less than a week. As you can see, one of the prospects even wanted him to list their house! 

This campaign was a Facebook marketing campaign, and we utilized several technologies including automated follow-up systems, an automated lead spreadsheet, and a super simple landing page.

The best part? 46% of those leads were double opted-in through our autoresponder campaign, which means they’re much higher quality leads!

It gets even better. Those leads came in at HALF the projected cost and twice as fast! Talk about a resounding success. Our team really knocked it out of the park on this one.

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In this next image, you’ll see an SEO marketing campaign that we’ve been working on. Things are REALLY starting to work out for our client! In the month of March 2019 alone, we got 70 leads for our limousine client!

If you’re looking for an SEO company in Panama City Beach and beyond, we’re definitely the guys for you. We also love giving Google Adwords help to our campaigns, as they work nicely in conjunction with traditional search engine marketing techniques.

It’s best to start with a simple SEO analysis to outline what’s working for your competitors and beat them at it. We are not simply an SEO agency, we’re a one-stop digital marketing shop, and we’re located right here in our beloved Panama City Beach, Florida.

You see, SEO optimization is only a single part of the equation. You can have all the power going to your site you want, but if that site isn’t set up to capture that traffic and convert those people into leads then you’re just wasting your time! 

70 Leads In A Month!

This is a screenshot of some leads we generated for a limousine client using SEO digital marketing

Why The Viking?

VKNG is the best because we get results FAST and CRUSH the competition.

SEO Marketing

What is SEO optimization? Well, that's a good question. The interesting thing about website rankings on Google is that they are helped along by real traffic. This can come in the form of ad campaigns, whether Facebook or Google Adwords.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads are basically like digital billboards that you can place directly in front of certain demographics. They're potentially very powerful due to the amount of control you have. And just to prove that, a whopping 76% of people have made a purchase through social media ads!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords are by far our favorite type of ads. The thing that makes them interesting is that they are only displayed to people searching for certain keywords, thus showing buyer intent.

Our services

We Also Offer The Following Marketing Services

Reputation Management

This is perhaps one of the least talked about facets of online and social media marketing. We offer solutions for automating the process of collecting reviews and making sure that they're four or five star. Always.

Blog Posting

Yet another potentially very powerful way of generating real and organic traffic, blog posts are a great option for those with hand-crafted or custom projects that are truly unique and deserve extra attention. Home services are great for this.

Social Media Management

In order to generate a good following, posts need to be made at least two or three times a day. Hashtags must be researched as well as finding and re-purposing viral content to achieve maximum long-term results.

Google 360 Imaging

When we talk about cutting-edge website ranking technology, this is one of the newest and coolest technologies available. Not only is this strategy fun and interesting to implement, it's also massively effective in a very short period of time.

Hosting Services

Old but gold... You can't do much in the realm of digital marketing without a solid hosting provider that actively works to keep your domains protected and consistently present in the digital world. What is SEO without a powerful hosting provider? To put it simply, nothing.

Map Listings

Here's yet another technology that makes us the most powerful SEO company in Panama City Beach, Florida. Not only do we set up and verify the most high-quality map listings on the market, we also make sure that they receive full SEO optimization.

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Note: We were previously known as Huey Strategies, and have gone through a rebranding. Please don’t let us confuse you, we are one and the same company!

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